Steve Morrison

Oh My Grief founder Steve Morrison has a wealth of both academic and practical knowledge surrounding the issues of loss and grief. In addition to his Masters Degree and Postgraduate Certificate in Loss, Grief and Trauma Counselling he is currently completing his Doctorate Thesis which is researching the connection between faith and grief.

Steve loves and values family and friendships. He is married to the very beautiful Naomi and together they have three daughters: Taylor (15), Andie (12) and Ashley (9). Steve loves a great laugh and doesn't mind being the center of attention. He has an insatiable love for travel and believes you only get one go at this life so let's make it incredible.

Who is Steve?

Steve has been an ordained minister for more than 20 years. 

Steve has been an active Christian for more than 30 years. He has a personal passion and love for both other cultures and people of other religions and spiritual expressions. This passion has seen him both study from an academic perspective as well as experience the most fascinating cultures and religious expressions firsthand.

Steve has spoken to groups of 5 people and up to 5000. With an an infectious love for life and a great sense of humour he’s spoken not only throughout Australia but also England, Wales, India, South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Steve’s Officiated over 1000 funeral services. Regularly specialising in services for children and suicide/homicide services.

Steve has been actively involved in pastoral care and counseling for 24 years from children to teenagers, single people, married couples, families, the broken, the addict, the bereaved.

Steve teaches tertiary students, medical professionals and the general public in many topics. His particular focus is the area of grief, loss and trauma. 

Steve has a thorough understanding on how to respond to grief, recognising the various causes, phases and the road to healing and wholeness.
— Zoran Paunovich, Planetshakers Church (Australia)

Steve speaks about his first experience with death, and the drive that has given him to develop Oh My Grief.

Danielle Myers


Danielle Myers is an avid writer and storyteller, working as a sessional University Tutor for RMIT. Dani has a background in Psychology and has had first-hand experience in dealing with complicated grief after the passing of her Dad. Dani has clung to her faith during several difficult years in the wake of her Dad’s passing, and has come out of the other side passionate about helping individuals stuck in grief and also continuing her career in psychology by assisting those with mental illness. Dani plans to start her own doctorate within the next couple of years in her endeavour to help others in the recovery process. In her spare time Dani enjoys creating origami and colouring, believing that a peaceful mind leads to a peaceful life.

Who is Dani?


Dani has been working as a Tutor for the past few months at RMIT University, and previously for LaTrobe University where she facilitates psychology lecture content to up to 160 students each week. She is a gifted tutor and designs material to be interactive and engaging. She has also been working as an assignment marker for the past 4 years.


Dani is a passionate writer, and loves to play with different forms of prose. She has been expressing herself through the written word since she was in her early teenage years. Whilst yet unpublished officially, she has several books she has been writing and working on; it is her dream to hold on to an official hard copy book of her own. Dani has established her own business where she helps write content and other professional literature, such as resumes.


Dani has studied a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours. She plans on starting a PhD in the next couple of years.


Dani lives life to the full and enjoys going on adventures with her family and friends, whether it is a day hiking in the bush, picnics at the beach, holidays on board cruise ships, or sampling a new coffee shop, Dani loves it all. 


Kate Lithgow is a youth and wellbeing worker, a lay pastor, a mother, an avid bible teacher and academic who has studied grief and loss at a Masters level. Kate also has very real personal experience in living with grief and loss following the sudden and tragic death of her late husband after 20 years of marriage, business and ministry together.  Kate has a strong belief that resilience is a learned process which is totally attainable and has seen it in action in her own and her children’s lives.

Kate loves life, her family, her 4 kids and amazing friends and the great outdoors. Her and her musically talented family have travelled all over Australia together. She dreams of writing books about her life, her adventures and her life after loss.

Who is Kate?

Youth work/ Social Work

Kate is a qualified social work at master level, she holds a degree in Youth Affairs/ youth work and has years of experience in working with young people in high schools. Kate maintains a strong affinity for the particular needs of teenagers as well the dynamics of the whole family.

Lay Pastor

Kate has been in Pastoral Ministry for 25 years, her late husband was an ordained minister and together they pastored 2 churches over 20 years and an itinerant ministry. Kate currently serves as a regional pastor and new Christian pastor within a large church organisation.

Wellbeing /chaplaincy

Most recently Kate has been involved in well being work in secondary schools with her social work Masters – involving counselling, mediating and advocating for students in high schools in the Geelong and Surfcoast Region.  She holds a chaplaincy and counselling certificates and believes in the empowerment of young people and of women.


Kate along with her late husband Rob owned and operated a successful adventure sports business for over 15 years which attracted clients from all over the globe.  Kate still loves adventure and sport in the form of trail riding and running.

Speaking and teaching

Kate found her voice later in life and now has a passion for speaking and for teaching, realising life is short and she has something to say! Now she runs a small group for life empowerment and teaches a fortnightly class for new believers and she thrives on it.


Aaron has conducted and/or directed over 2000 funerals, he has spent more than 2,400 hours of one-on-one counselling, and has trained hundreds of people in the ‘care of people’ industries making Aaron an integral part of the Oh My Grief team.

Aaron is outgoing, he has a great love for life, enjoys a laugh, and loves to see people smile. He has an uncanny ability to put people at ease quickly.

Aaron spends most days working in the Thanatology area: from talking with the dying as a Chaplain as they share about their lives, their loves, their sadness and thankfulness, to the care of their emotional wellbeing, the conducting of the funeral service and the care of the bereaved. Aaron says “I am honored to be a part of this incredibly difficult journey, and for most people, this is the most difficult times in their life.”  Aaron has a great love and compassion for people regardless of their status or plight in life.

Aaron loves family, friends, travel, music and cars (and maybe a glass of red wine). 

Who is Aaron?

Aaron has been an active Christian for more than 40 years and has been ordained minister for more than 10 years.

Cultural & Religious Expression
Aaron has experienced some of the most fascinating cultures and religious expressions firsthand.  Aaron assists in identifying social, cultural, religious and spiritual issues to bring relevant expressions to these things during a funeral.

Chaplain/Celebrant/Funeral Director
Aaron has conducted 2000 funeral services and is often called upon to assist in the more difficult types of funeral services because of his ability to be sensitive and flexible in meeting the needs of those he is called to work with.

Aaron has been actively involved in pastoral care and counselling for 26 years.  As a senior counsellor for a local counselling centre, he has conducted over 2,400 hours of face to face counselling. 


Aaron has worked as a Case Manager for a local welfare organization, responsible for the care and wellbeing of children on Custody or Guardianship Orders in Family Group Homes. 

Aaron was a group facilitator in training people in basic counselling skills, understanding the basics of personality, and a restoration program aimed at recovery from physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse. 


Aaron has studied Theology (Ministry), Social Welfare, Developmental Child Psychiatry and Counselling.  He is currently studying Thanatology.