101 Creative ways to Personalise your Loved Ones Funeral

Today’s funeral services can truly be an uplifting and meaningful event. When people individualize the service, it lifts it up with whole new meaning and respect.

I have personally officiated 1000+ funeral services where I have been privileged to have seen, and enjoyed these wonderful tributes. I have even been able to capture in photos some of the meaningful ways people have used a personal touch.

The difficult truth for all of us is that our loved ones will die, as will we. For this reason, I think it is such a positive and empowering decision to think about how you can best reflect your family member or friend at their service. You can even think about how you would want your own service to proceed.

Oh My Grief offers here 101 creative ideas for you to consider. I have collated a list of the more powerful methods people have personalized the funerals that I have officiated at. Obviously, there are hundreds more, so please drop us a line and let us know the ways that are significant to you. We are constantly looking to expand our comprehensive list and release updates in the future.